Sunday, December 21, 2008

And so it begins.....

December 21st, 2008
Sunday Morning - 10:06 AM

Today is the day I start to create.

Welcome to "I May Not Always Love You...."

Sunday mornings have always been my favorite part of the week. There is a clarity to Sunday mornings that I do not feel at any other time during a week. Maybe it stems from the rituals of my youth; breakfast with my family, going to church and then watching football with my father. Now, 30 years removed from those memories, Sunday Mornings seem pure and raw. It is the perfect time of the week to channel my thoughts.

I love the way the sun light hits my little world on those random Sundays, the way my mind reflects, the reward of a completed week, the promise of a new one, the New York Times, Meet the Press, coffee & a kiss from Alex, my daughters voices, football some Sundays, basketball some mornings, not much worship, and music always playing in the background. I can't think of a better way to start a day.

What a better way and day to start my blog - "I May Not Always Love You."

Why that title? Well, first it is the first line from my favorite song. A peaceful and perfect song about imperfect love. Second, it is frank and direct at its core. It evokes a history to that love, while also knowing that nothing, no matter how hard we try, last forever. Third, I always found that line as one that can catch you "off-guard". It commands attention. It can also lead to so many more question and answers; it forces dialog.

And that is what I want this blog to do and offer.

I am not sure how often I will write on the blog. I hope to start off a couple of times a week. The purpose, at this point, will be to share a little part of me, my interests and my life.

This Sunday, on the shortest day of the year, the Sunday before Christmas, I may be saying goodbye to one of my dearest and oldest friends. It will be a difficult day. I would like to find a way to say goodbye, but I doubt I will. I guess we never really want to.

My dear Uncle is at the end of a long and incredible journey. He is fighting. He is fighting it mentally and physically. He is fighting to come to terms with the why's and how's that the end of life always bring; all the unanswered questions that he will never have answered. The questions we all desire to know answers to.

Everyone in his world is fighting his end at this point, in their own unique way. But this morning I made a promise to myself. I won't be fighting it today or anymore. I will embrace this end to the best of my abilities. I will thank him for his love and wisdom. I will watch his smile. I will listen to his stories. I will spend the last remaining hours with my dear Uncle Bill and I will cherish "the moments".

My goal for this blog is to share "the moments" with you.......

God Only Knows
by: Brian Wilson/Tony Asher
I may not always love you
But long as there are stars above you
You never need to doubt it
Ill make you so sure about it

The Photo: Brendan J. Noone (left) and William A. Wright (right) sitting at Anchor Inn Pub in Falcarragh, County Donegal, Ireland, January 2007.

The Music: The Beach Boys - "God Only Knows" (see below)

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